Project: Transforming Writing

Project: Transforming Writing

Raising attainment through effective formative assessment is a National Literacy Trust project funded by Esmee Fairburn led by Pie Corbett. Here teachers from leading Talk-for-Writing schools are involved in investigating what assessment approaches really make a difference to the children’s progress as writers.

The Transforming Writing Project, funded by Esmée Fairburn and managed by the National Literacy Trust, focuses on what difference is made to children’s progress if formative assessment is at the heart of teaching writing. The project is led by Pie Corbett, supported by Julia Strong, and is being evaluated by Jonathan Rooke from Winchester University. Teachers and headteachers from 12 primary schools in challenging catchment areas were recruited to the research project. Following the first workshop, it was agreed that the project would focus on establishing:

What activities and approaches best help children to:

· internalise the ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness of writing so that children can read as a writer?
· talk about writing articulately (writing talk)?
· know what to do to improve and be supported in this improvement?

In July 2012, the participants will be presenting their finding to the steering committee. The following year will then focus on how to most effectively spread the approach throughout a school and train other schools.

The Interim evaluation report on this project is now available on the National Literacy Trust website.

Transforming Writing