Talk for Writing Trainers

There is very high demand for training by the Talk for Writing trainers. Please try to avoid requesting obvious training days at the start and end of every half term, as these are liable to be fully booked many months in advance. If you can opt for a mid-week day, then our consultants are much more likely to be able to help you.

Please select one of the trainers below to contact. If they cannot meet your request they will email you and offer alternative dates or forward you to an alternative consultant. See below for which consultants cover which areas and their current availability.

Trainer Costs

A day’s training with a school or small cluster from 9am to 3.30pm costs £1000 plus expenses for up to 60 delegates. If numbers exceed 60 then there is an additional fee of £20 per person. Many schools choose to join with others to share costs and give training greatest reach. Where training is being organised by a third party or the school is charging people to attend, the trainer’s fee is negotiable.

A day’s consultancy from 9am to 3.30pm costs £850 plus expenses. Many schools have found joint discussion and planning in clusters extremely beneficial and this would again reduce the cost.

Talk for Writing works best as a whole-school approach. To develop and embed any approach effectively, schools should commit to a sequence of training. We offer one-off days, but one day will rarely lead to transformational change if it is not followed up with focused support. Download a list of training packages click here.

Training we offer

We offer training in the following areas.

• Introduction to Fiction Writing
• Introduction to Non-­fiction Writing
• Teaching Reading -­ Talk for Reading
• Teaching Grammar and Spelling
• Independent Application and Invention
• Greater Depth in Reading and Writing
• Talk for Writing in… EYFS / KS1 / KS2

Our Talk for Writing Experts

Maria Richards
Maria RichardsTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Maria is an experienced Literacy Consultant with a background in school improvement and raising standards. She has been involved in Talk for Writing for many years, delivering a variety of training and packages to embed TfW into everyday practice. She has supported the development of TfW across the UK and works with international schools around the globe. She is also part of the team that leads on TfW in Australia.

Maria offers training & consultancy in London & the South East, Birmingham & the Midlands, the South West, South Wales & Scotland. She can travel to other parts of the country when possible. She is also available to work anywhere internationally.

Read Maria’s full profile here

Jane Ralphs
Jane RalphsTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Jane has worked at a senior level in education for the last twelve years, including eight years as Vice Principal and Head of Educational Standards at a large primary school. She is a previous winner of the National Teaching Awards ‘Primary Teacher of the Year’ in the Eastern region.

Jane is available for Talk for Writing school training, consultancy and school improvement across the Midlands, the east of England and London.

Read Jane’s full profile here

Alison Cooper
Alison CooperTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Alison has worked with Pie Corbett and Talk for Writing for a number of years, leading INSETs both at home and abroad. With a background in leadership and school improvement, Alison also works in a consultancy role with schools and leadership teams to support the implementation and development of Talk for Writing.

Alison’s work focuses on south west and southern England, including London, as well as the Midlands and South Wales. Alison is also available for international training.

Read Alison’s full profile here

James Walker
James WalkerTalk for Writing Primary Expert
James is lead on writing at Knowle Park Primary School one of our Talk for Writing training centres. He has worked extensively alongside Pie in a number of projects including Transforming Writing.

James is based in Bristol and is available for training days, consultancy work and school support across the country.

Read James’ full profile here

Kathryn Pennington
Kathryn PenningtonTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Kathryn is an experienced teacher, Assistant Head and Specialist Leader of Education. She has successfully implemented Talk for Writing within her own school and has a wealth of experience supporting and training other schools to develop the approach. Kathryn has worked closely with Julia Strong, leading a town wide project in Northampton.

Kathryn is available for training in Northampton, Northamptonshire, across the Midlands, east of England, London and further afield by request.

Read Kathryn’s full profile here

Emma Caulfield
Emma CaulfieldTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Emma is a teacher and Primary Literacy Consultant who has used Talk for Writing, to great effect, for several years. She specialises in Talk for Writing CPD: INSET, planning, coaching and one-to-one support.

Emma is based in the north west, but will travel to other parts of the country when possible.

Read Emma’s full profile here

Sue Cove
Sue CoveTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Sue is an experienced and knowledgeable Primary Literacy and Early Years Consultant who provides training throughout the country to schools, consortiums and local authorities.

Sue is available for training in the north of England.

Read Sue’s full profile here

Carol Satterthwaite
Carol SatterthwaiteTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Carol delivers training with individual schools and networks and leads workshops on behalf of local authorities.

Carol focuses on the North of England, North and South Wales and the Midlands. Most dates for the coming year are booked so planning ahead is advised. Carol is also available for international training.

Read Carol’s full profile here

Kaye Haywood
Kaye HaywoodTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Kaye led the development of literacy at the first Talk for Writing school in the country. Kaye is greatly experienced in Talk for Writing having embedded the approach in her own school with huge success.

Kaye is based in Cornwall and now works in Cornwall, Devon and the South West providing training, teacher support and whole school consultancy. Kaye is also available for international training.

Read Kaye’s full profile here

Naomi Smales
Naomi SmalesTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Naomi is Literacy Subject Leader at Selby Community Primary. She has been responsible for successfully implementing Talk for Writing from nursery to Year 6 and has embedded the approach throughout the school. Naomi was an AST for 6 years delivering inset in schools across North Yorkshire.

Naomi delivers training at her school in Selby, North Yorkshire on open days and is also available for consultancy work, training sessions and personalised school support anywhere in the north.

Read Naomi’s full profile here

Francesca Beers
Francesca BeersTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Francesca has been involved with Talk for Writing for several years as both a class teacher and an AST in Bristol. She was Lead Practitioner at Knowle Park Primary School and in this role regular delivered Talk for Writing training and bespoke INSET for schools in Bristol and further afield. Fran now works at Easton Primary in Bristol.

Fran is now also available for consultancy work, training sessions and personalised school support anywhere in the world.

Read Francesca’s full profile here

Jo Pearce
Jo PearceTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Jo has been involved in supporting schools since 2009, when she worked as a Primary English Consultant for Gloucestershire. Her work as a consultant since then has helped many primary teachers and leaders improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools. She has co-led projects with Pie Corbett, using Talk for Writing as a vehicle for school improvement.

Jo is available for training days and one-to-one support across across the UK and internationally.

Read Jo’s full profile here

Dean Thompson
Dean ThompsonTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Dean is available for school training days, extended projects, consultancy and school improvement support across the Midlands, the East of England, South East and London. Dean is also available for International training and has supported the development of Talk for Writing in Australia.

Dean offers a range of tailored support packages across the primary age range including; Talk for Writing, Talk for Reading and Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary and Spelling.

Read Dean’s full profile here

Jamie Thomas
Jamie ThomasTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Jamie is Deputy Head and Head of English at Warren Road Primary School in Orpington, as well as being Head of Warren Teaching School Alliance.

In 2015, Jamie led whole school change at Warren Road, embedding Talk for Writing across the school. In 2017, Warren Road became an accredited TfW Training Centre.

Jamie leads all elements of TfW training and is available for inset, consultancy and individual school support.

Read Jamie’s full profile here

Emma Mann
Emma MannTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Emma is Assistant Headteacher, leading English, at Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School, a Talk for Writing Training Centre in Berkshire. She has developed a strong and consistent approach across the school and has worked with Pie on a number of projects, such as one focusing on the use of Talk for Writing techniques across the curriculum.

Emma is based in Slough and is available for training days, consultancy work and school support both at Penn Wood School and throughout the country.

Read Emma’s full profile here

Maddy Turner
Maddy TurnerTalk for Writing Primary Expert
Maddy has played a key role in the continuous development of Talk for Writing at Penn Wood Primary School in Slough where she works as a Year 6 Teacher.

Maddy has worked with Pie Corbett to explore the use of TfW in curriculum areas beyond English and has trained hundreds of schools in the TfW approach.

Maddy is available for inset, consultancy and individual school support in the south east of England.

Read Maddy’s full profile here

Julia Strong
Julia StrongTalk for Writing Secondary Expert
Julia is the author of “Talk for Writing in Secondary Schools – How to achieve effective reading , writing and communication across the curriculum”. She offers Talk for Writing training to support literacy across the curriculum in the secondary sector.

Julia is available for training nationwide and her training consistently receives excellent feedback.

Read Julia’s full profile here

Pie Corbett
Pie CorbettTalk for Writing Creator
Pie’s training work is now generally focused on supporting Talk4Writing training schools and the Primary Writing Project rather than inset days for clusters of schools.

If you are looking to book an inset day please contact one of the consultants. Alternatively, if you would like training from Pie please book onto one of the conferences taking place in locations around the country.

Book on a conference with Pie

Talk for Writing Training Schools

As an alternative to inset training with a Talk for Writing Trainer we now also have a number of Talk for Writing training schools around the country. These schools have been selected because of their outstanding implementation of the Talk for Writing approach.

Training schools offer open mornings and open days which teachers can book on to in order to learn more about using the Talk for Writing approach and see it in action in the classroom.

Find out more about the schools and what they offer