Project: T4W across the secondary curriculum

Project: T4W across the secondary curriculum

The talk-for-writing approach is ideal for helping secondary schools turn literacy across the curriculum into a practical reality, thereby raising achievement across the board through meeting the quality written communication requirements of the curriculum. The approach focuses on helping students tune into the language of each subject through talking the text before they write it. When the approach is applied systematically in a school, so that there is a consistent approach to presenting exemplar text, students can easily transfer learning from one subject to another.

Since 2010 a number of schools and local authorities have been trialling the approach. In Brighton and Hove, all secondary schools have now included developing talk for writing within their development plans and have recently held a training day for all staff where teachers who were involved in the original project are now training other teachers within their subject area.

Julia is currently working on how the approach can be developed throughout KS3 focusing on the different text requirements (oral or written) of any subject so that you turn students into powerful independent communicators in all subjects by the end of KS3 so they can really fly in KS4. Therefore, all students can achieve higher grades and you can dazzle the inspectorate with how your teaching develops the pupils’ skills in reading, writing and communication!

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