Story Songs CD ROM

Story_SongsPie has collaborated with Early Years music expert Steve Grocott and the result is the new Story Songs CD ROM. It has new musical stories and songs along with some evergreen 
favorites for children aged between two and five years old. It plays in your CD player and also in your computer where you
have the text of the stories, extending activities and story maps as well as audio.

This collection is about how to bring the story out of your songs and how to put music into your stories. Emphasising the musical elements of a story is a very good way of calling forth active engagement from a young audience. They have a remarkable ability to pick up rhymes and songs and to completely inhabit characters. Where there is space and time for exploration and acting out, storytelling can be the starting point for the most intense and productive play.

Steve is a musician and teacher who has given courses in music for early years practitioners in most London boroughs, The Institute for Education and The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). CLPE use Steve’s Bright Sparks CD as part of their own courses. For more information email Steve at or view his webpage  here:

Copies of the CD cost £14.99 (including VAT) and can be purchased from Roving Books via phone or email. Roving books can be contacted here.