Project: Primary Writing Project

Project: Primary Writing Project


The Primary Writing Project (PWP) is designed to help clusters of primary schools implement Talk for Writing at a whole-school level by providing support and training over 5 or 6 terms for around 8-10 schools. Schools embarking on the programme should see it as a long term investment in the improvement of writing, primarily, but with additional significant benefits for standards of reading comprehension and communication skills more widely.

Setting up a PWP partnership requires a long lead time so that schools can agree dates, schedules and plan financial commitments. To date we are working with around 20 partnerships of primary schools in various parts of the country and carefully scaling this number up. We expect to start 10 programmes per year from September 2016. We work with a team of experienced T4W trainers, who direct each programme in pairs, working directly to Pie Corbett and John Stannard CBE.

We work with local authorities, school groups organised within trusts and alliances of various kinds, teaching schools, schools managed by academy providers and many ad hoc groups formed by local schools who want to work together to raise standards.

For further details about the Primary Writing Project and how to set up a partnership, visit the PWP website: or contact us on or email John Stannard on