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In this article, Talk4Writing expert Maria Richards explains how Pinterest can be a useful tool for managing and sharing resources.

Maria Richards (175x220) What do you do when you find a really good resource? File it? Bookmark it? Favourite it? Lose it? Forget you have it? That’s the trouble with resources, ideas, websites and teaching tips and tricks, there are so many out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with the mass of information that bombards us. It can be even harder to keep track of where you saw something, put something or when you used something. The same is true of ideas and resources for teaching Talk for Writing. There are so many brilliant texts, stories, ideas and activities that support the teaching of it, that even the best filing system can be challenged. But I have found a solution that is not only practical but also inspiring, interesting, absorbing and the best thing that I’ve discovered on the web since Twitter! I am referring to Pinterest and if you are yet to discover it, you are in for a treat!

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to ‘pin’ useful resources, activities, ideas and sites from the web. The beauty of Pinterest, compared to any other way to file and manage online resources, is the ability to categorise your finds and file them in a simple, visual way, using an image and a short description. You can also find resources for just about anything due to its brilliant search facility. On top of that, you can ‘Follow’ your favourite ‘Pinners’, share resources, ‘Like’ resources and send yourself and others links straight from the site. Further to this, because everything is contained within the Pinterset community, each pin links to hundreds of other similar pins, so you have a wealth of ideas at your fingertips and you simply choose the ones that are most relevant to you by ‘re-pinning’ them to your boards.

Pinterest Boards

An example of a Pinterest board

So, if you were going to use Pinterset to gather and sort Talk for Writing resources, you may create a board to collect stories or websites that have collections of them, like the Story Museum’s 1001 stories for schools Or maybe a board that collects story ideas like the ones pinned by Springboard Stories magazine: You may start a board of visual images that could be used for quick writing tasks or shared writing creative sessions, like this one You may have a board dedicated to learning environments, showing the best ideas for a storytelling classroom. A board of ‘wow’ ideas for immersing children into stories would also be useful, try this idea: How about a collection of all of Pie Corbett’s video in one place? I’m particularly proud of this board!

There are no limits to the categories you choose in Pinterest and in fact, once you start pinning, you’ll find it very difficult to stop. Soon, you’ll find your boards go far and beyond Talk for Writing and you’ll be ‘pinning’ with the best of them!

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