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Not a linguist? Not a problem!

Get off to a flying start with languages in September 2014


Compulsory languages at KS2 is just around the corner and it’s presenting a new challenge for primary schools. What cannot be ignored is the fact that Ofsted will be inspecting foreign language provision across the whole of KS2 from September 2014.  It is vital that you have plans in place to ensure all children make at least good progress across KS2.

As a new programme of study for KS2 for languages has now been published, primary schools cannot simply rely on previous schemes in the hope that learners will make the progress required.  The new programme of study is far more demanding and provision needs to ensure that learners need to be ‘independent and effective communicators’.

iLanguages has taken up the baton to meet the challenge of the forthcoming compulsory primary language curriculum by providing teachers with a highly innovative and engaging scheme which has been designed to ensure that teachers with little knowledge or confidence of French and Spanish are able to effectively deliver language lessons.  And it seems to be working extremely well, based on the results from five primary schools across the country, which have trialled the scheme.

Authors of the scheme, Juliet Park and Wendy Adeniji emphasise the importance of primary and secondary schools joining up their thinking if transition between schools is going to be smooth and progressive. The iLanguages scheme includes a detailed KS2 overview which shows progression across the four years as well as editable lesson plans which can be used on a daily basis and which will stand up to Ofsted’s scrutiny.  Schools using the scheme can start with the Y3 resources for all KS2 groups as it is a good starting point for all learners in all year groups. 

The CD based resources include songs, stories, videos clips, board games, work booklets, assessments and native speaker sound files integrated into the materials.  There are also linked apps for extended learning.  The scheme is CD based and can easily be shared across a school intranet.  Bronwen Craig at Monteney Primary School, Sheffield commented “it is great to have all resources woven into one scheme and the children love the activities.  The design of the stories enables them to decode the language for themselves and they find this really motivating and empowering”.

To enhance speaking and writing skills, a prominent feature of the scheme is the Talk4Writing methodology, which is enabling learners to tune into the foreign language and create a mental template.

The phonics focus is a strong element of the scheme. Current research suggests that it is highly effective to overtly teach pupils the sound-spelling link (phonics) from a very early stage as this helps them to better manipulate the foreign language independently.

Year 3 teachers at Mottram Primary School, Macclesfield, Heidi and Kathryn, were initially sceptical at the thought of delivering French to their pupils.  However they have found the iLanguages resources to be highly useable because of the support mechanisms in place for non-linguist teachers.  Kathryn says that “the pronunciation activities and sound files for me are excellent. I can make sure I am confident about new words before I start the lesson”.

Charlotte Priestley at Hartsholme Academy, Lincoln, says that “the focus on pronunciation and phonics has improved the children’s spoken French and has brought about a noticeable improvement in the recall of vocabulary”.

Kagan-style activities are also a key feature of the scheme to promote a collaborative approach so that all children play an equal and active role in the learning.

For free samples please click on the following link:

Talk4Writing schools may receive a 10% discount on the iLanguages Y3 scheme up until the 23rd May only.  Please visit, download the order form and quote the promotional code: T4W10% when placing your order.

Teacher may also be interested in the free twilight events and full day conferences that are being held around the country or even call in the iLanguages team to run sessions for their own networks based on 8 schools minimum.  Please visit or email for further details.

To access the new programme of study for languages, go to:

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