Case Study: Talk for Writing travels to China

Case Study: Talk for Writing travels to China

Storymapping in China

Cara O’Connor, a teacher at Robin Hood Academy in Birmingham, tells us how she took Talk for Writing to the Chinese capital. 

Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to China and teach in the ‘No 2 Experimental School’ in Beijing. I use Talk for Writing at my school in Birmingham and I am a huge fan of the Talk for Writing approach. I therefore decided to use Talk for Writing to teach a group of Grade 2 children in China.

It was brilliantly received. The class teacher loved seeing a different way of teaching literacy especially the idea of story mapping and using the actions. It worked brilliantly. 

I left a pack of resources as a gift with puppets, story map ideas and the teacher with the class copied the things I used on the big screen. Their teacher was really grateful and excited by it all. She wanted to learn more so I talked her through the simple imitation phase as a start point. She now wants to use the imitation stage in order to teach other stories to the class.

I was really pleased by how well the approach was received by the children and the Headteacher who watched the session. I’m now looking forward to hearing how they continue to use Talk for Writing in the school. 

It’s lovely to know how excited other teachers around the world are by the project!

Cara O’Connor, May 2014

We are always interested to hear about Talk for Writing being used both in the UK and in other countries around the world. If you have a story about using Talk for Writing in your school we would love to hear about it. Email Nick at