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Naomi is a class teacher and literacy subject leader at Selby Community Primary School. She is responsible for implementing Talk4writing at her school, from nursery to year 6. Alongside this, Naomi was an AST for 6 years where she delivered inset in many varying schools within North Yorkshire. This also included supporting staff in planning and delivering these lessons moreover modelling lessons. Selby Community began Talk4Writing in 2011 and it is now embedded in their school. Pie Corbett has recently visited the school and given them the stamp of approval to be a Talk4Writing school where they will be able to share their skills and enthusiasm for raising standards in writing with their children.

Talk4writing drives our whole creative curriculum through school. Their book lead curriculum is delivered with enthusiasm, by inspiring teachers who generate a love of reading whilst developing their children’s writing skills. Children have never been so enthused with their writing and staff have a real passion and understanding when teaching literacy.

Naomi delivers Talk for Writing training at her school in Selby, North Yorkshire, through Talk for Writing open mornings. She also available for consultancy work, training sessions and personalised school support anywhere in the north. Details about the training offered in school at Selby Primary can be found here.

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