Dean Thompson

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Talk for Writing Primary Expert

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Dean has been working to develop Primary English and school improvement for nearly 20 years. Previous roles include; Programme Director for Primary School Improvement with the National Strategies, Local Authority School Improvement and English Advisor and Primary School Leader.

Dean was involved in developing the highly effective Improving Schools Programme. The programme, developed as part of the National Strategies, supported schools facing challenging circumstances to raise standards in English and Mathematics through developing leadership and management, improving teaching and learning and developing the professional learning community.

Schools that were part of the Improving Schools Programme consistently achieved, on average, twice the national rate of improvement in English and Mathematics. The programme also contributed significantly to reducing the number of primary schools below the government floor standard.

Dean is leading the development of the Talk for Writing approach across several networks and clusters of primary schools.

Dean is available to deliver a wide range of Talk for Writing training and support across the country and internationally. Dean is based mainly in the Midlands, London, South East and Eastern areas.